18 Mar 2024 14:26

GS Group to invest 182 mln rubles in modernizing motherboard production - Kaliningrad govt

KALININGRAD. March 18 (Interfax) - Russia's GS Group will invest 182 million rubles by the end of March in the modernization of its Digital Television Systems (DTS) factory, which will include introducing elements of artificial intelligence into the electronics manufacturing process, the press service of Kaliningrad Region's governor reported.

"The innovations will increase the speed of server and motherboard assembly by up to three times and boost labor productivity by 30% by December 2024," the press release said.

Optical inspection devices with AI will be delivered to the factory by the end of the summer. The AI will be responsible for checking SMT (surface mounting technology) assembly when solder paste is applied, and the correctness of component installation and assembly after soldering. The technology will reduce the time it takes to prepare board production from 24 hours to half an hour.

The updates will also enable the factory to carry out the whole motherboard soldering process in a nitrogen atmosphere, which will minimize defects. Long ovens will be installed for through-hole soldering, which will improve the quality of assembly of large server boards.

Operations related to installation of components on boards will also be improved. Additional computing power will make it possible to prepare the next batch of products without stopping the current process. As a result, downtime and equipment preparation time will be reduced by 80%.

DTS chief executive Dmitry Fomichev was reported as saying in the press release that the application of AI in board production is a completely new development for Russia. DTS closely follows trends in the development of server equipment and is prepared to meet current standards for server performance and produce high quality boards in even greater quantity, he said.

DTS began making boards on a contract basis in 2018 and has mastered production of more than 15 types of motherboards for Russian computer manufacturers. Last year the factory began assembling the first Russian Seliger media hubs.

GS Group develops and manufactures microelectronics; produces television projects; develops software; invests in venture capital projects; and produces and manages media content. It is also involved in advertising, as well as intensive wood process, among other projects. The group's main manufacturing facilities are located in Kaliningrad Region.