13 Mar 2024 12:35

Russian importers receive permission to import over 6,000 tonnes of duty-free chicken meat

MOSCOW. March 13 (Interfax) - Russia's Ministry of Agriculture has approved the import of over 6,000 tonnes of chicken meat within the current duty-free quota (codes 0207 14 100 9 and 0207 14 500 9 EAEU HS).

Information from the Ministry shows that the balance of the tariff quota as of March 13 had reached 133,938.6 tonnes. Therefore, based on the total year quota of 140,000 tonnes, 6,061.4 tonnes have been approved for shipment.

This figure has increased almost 270 tonnes since March 6.

Currently, applications for duty-free import of chicken amount to 145 tonnes, the Ministry said.

As reported, there is a 140,000-tonne duty-free quota for the import of chicken meat into Russia in 2024. The quota was established in order to increase its supply on the market and to stabilize prices. The imported meat is intended for use in food production.