12 Mar 2024 16:17

Abrau-Durso starts producing Cuban rum

MOSCOW. March 12 (Interfax) - Abrau-Durso, , a leading Russian producer of sparkling wines, has launched production of Cuban rum as part of its expanding portfolio of spirits.

This is the first project in Russia involving the production of Cuban rum sanctioned by the Cuba Ron S.A. state corporation, the group's press release said.

Abrau-Durso Group of Companies has entered into a cooperation agreement with the most famous producer of Cuban rum, state-owned Corporacion Cuba Ron S.A. It operates several production sites in Cuba, including one of the oldest operating distilleries, Ronera Cardenas, founded in 1878.

Abrau-Durso ships rum distillates to Russia in bulk. The bulk of the Danza del Fuego rum production process takes place in Cuba. The fermentation of sugarcane molasses, distillation, aging in oak barrels, and blending of young and old spirits take place there. The final stage, as well as bottling, takes place at Abrau Durso's Loza plant in Russia.

Group President Pavel Titov said, "Abrau-Durso has become the first company in the Russian Federation to produce real Cuban rum at its production site."

Danza del Fuego rum is already sold in Abrau-Durso branded stores, and in the near future it will appear in federal retail chains.

Abrau-Durso, a leading Russian producer of sparkling wines, is expanding its portfolio to include still wines, vodka, cognac and other drinks. The company sold over 54.1 million bottles of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products in 2022, 18.1% more than in 2021.

The company belongs to the family of Boris Titov.