11 Mar 2024 09:53

Polish farmers unblock traffic at one checkpoint, but keep blocking it at 5 others

MOSCOW. March 11 (Interfax) - Polish farmers have unblocked traffic towards the Krakovets checkpoint until March 13, but they continue blocking traffic towards five other checkpoints, Ukrainian State Border Service spokesman Andrei Demchenko said.

"Polish farmers continue blocking traffic in five directions. Prior to this, there were six of them: overnight from the eighth to the ninth [of March] they ceased their actions towards the Krakovets border checkpoint. They noted that they will resume their actions tentatively on the thirteenth [of March]. We have such information from our Polish colleagues," Ukrainian media quoted him as saying during a telethon on Sunday.

Around 1,700 trucks are standing in line in the five directions where the traffic is still blocked, Demchenko said. There are around 600 trucks waiting to cross the border into Ukraine at the Krakovets border checkpoint.