6 Mar 2024 21:56

Putin names lack of equal conditions for people's development as major injustice of world order

SIRIUS FEDERAL TERRITORY. March 6 (Interfax) - The whole world should strive to ensure that people from different countries grow and develop in equal conditions and discover their talents, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We are all equal from the moment of our birth...The question is whether we grow and develop in equal conditions. The answer, unfortunately, is no. There are no equal conditions in the world for everyone. This is the main injustice of today's world order," he said at the closing ceremony of the World Youth Festival.

"What I know for sure is that we should all strive for this. Even the very fact that we will seek this will make the world more transparent, fairer, more democratic, more sustainable, balanced and safer," Putin said.

He noted that it is essential to strive for people to be on equal terms and to be able to reveal their talents for the benefit of all humanity.

"If we are all equal, there is no place in the world for any and anyone's exclusivity. There is no place in the world for any kind of arrogance, segregation and all phenomena that are based on this distorted ground of anyone's exclusivity," Putin said.