6 Mar 2024 12:26

Measures to stabilize operation of Russian fuel market are sufficient, need to pay attention to logistics - FAS head

MOSCOW. March 6 (Interfax) - The measures taken on the part of the Russian government to stabilize the fuel market are sufficient, though attention must be paid to the issues of reducing delivery times for fuel and lubricants, Federal Anti-monopoly Service head Maxim Shaskolsky said.

"We have now taken rather strict measures regarding export restrictions. Moreover, the mandatory standard for selling diesel on the exchange has increased to 16% just ahead of the sowing season. Such volumes and such instructions have never been issued before. I believe that the measures are sufficient regarding the operation of the fuel market," Shaskolsky said in the Federation Council.

"We need to pay attention here to the issues of fuel delivery, consider the matter carefully, and work to ensure more prompt delivery," Shaskolsky said.

Shaskolsky said that current pricing in the exchange segment of the fuel market is stable, noting that the response to previous fluctuations has been to implement a number of restrictive measures. Shaskolsky also said that the measures to pressure should not be excessive, given that oil companies need to develop and invest in output and production.