5 Mar 2024 21:02

N. Korea to participate in tourism exhibition in Russia for first time

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - North Korea will present its tourist potential for the first time at the International Travel & Hospitality Show 2024 (MITT) taking place in Moscow on March 19-21.

"North Korea is one of the countries where only organized tourism exists. Independent entry and movement by foreigners around the country is forbidden; therefore, a guide is assigned to every traveler. For the first time, Russian tourists will be able to learn about various kinds of recreation and interaction with North Korea, interesting routes, and its gastronomic features," the press service for the exhibition said.

According to representatives of the company Project Pyongyang, which is licensed by the North Korean government, the country can attract Russians for beach and mountain holidays.

The main challenge now is to destroy the stereotypes about North Korea and to show a country that's open to tourists, the representative said.

It is currently possible to fly from Russia to North Korea only by special flights or Air Koryo aircraft from Vladivostok.

In early February, the first group of Russian tourists following the coronavirus pandemic traveled to the Masikryong ski resort in North Korea.