5 Mar 2024 13:14

OSCE secretary general, C. Asian states' reps discuss climate issues in region

ASHGABAT. March 5 (Interfax) - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Secretary General Helga Schmid and Central Asian countries' environment ministers attended a high-level meeting in Ashgabat to exchange views on key regional cooperation issues, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said on its website on Tuesday.

Climate change in the region and sustainable management of water resources were high on the meeting's agenda, the ministry said.

In her speech, the OSCE secretary general reiterated the significance of the meeting, which allows its participants to focus on modern-day environmental challenges and the priority aspects of climate problems related to steps to advance sustainable development, ensure energy and food security and facilitate the region's prosperity and stability in general.

The parties agreed that it is necessary to take joint measures to respond to challenges posed by climate change, the ministry said.

The Turkmen delegation reaffirmed that environmental safety remains a priority for Turkmenistan's cooperation with other Central Asian countries and the OSCE.

The participants in the meeting also discussed in detail the issue of water resources and agriculture, the transition to green economy, waste management, emissions reduction, and fostering an ecological culture, particularly among youth.