1 Mar 2024 16:57

Polish farmers refuse to let any truck pass Shegini checkpoint - Ukrainian Border Guard Service

MOSCOW. March 1 (Interfax) - Polish farmers, continuing to block the movement of freight trucks outside six border crossing points, refused to allow any truck pass the Shegini checkpoint starting approximately at 1 p.m., Ukrainian State Border Service spokesman Andrei Demchenko said.

"The situation remained virtually unchanged in the past few days, but changes in the situation on the Shegini checkpoint occurred today. Polish protesters there refused to let any truck pass, regardless of its destination to Ukraine or Poland," Ukrainian media outlets quoted him as saying during a nationwide telethon in Friday.

"Although before that, the critical minimum of passage of trucks was recorded at this checkpoint. For instance, only 47 vehicles crossed this area in both directions in the past 24 hours," he said.

"A considerable decrease in the throughput capacity has been observed at the Yagodin checkpoint. A total of 111 trucks en route from Poland to Ukraine passed this checkpoint in the past 24 hours. Polish farmers do not let any truck headed from Ukraine to Poland pass. Zero trucks passed the border in Poland's direction in the past few days," he said.

Polish protesters are continuing to block the operations of six border crossing points in total both in Ukraine and Poland's direction, he said. Due to that, almost 2,350 trucks are queuing on Poland by the Yagodin, Ustilug, Ugrinov, Rava-Russkaya, Shegini, and Krakovets border crossing points.