1 Mar 2024 14:48

Russian president's address sets solutions for economy to achieve sustainable growth with acceleration to 3% by 2030 - Economic Development Minister

ABU DHABI. March 1 (Interfax) - The address of the Russian president represents a comprehensive program, including economic development, which sets the necessary resolutions to maintain the current positive dynamics with accelerated growth to 3% by 2030, Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov told reporters.

"The solid framework of economic decisions, which has now been stated in the message and will be included in the action plan, is saturated with resources, and will assist in maintaining the positive dynamics that now exist, with economic growth reaching 3% by 2030 [the ministry expects growth above 2% in 2024].We will present the final figures on the dynamics [of the economy until 2030] in April," Reshetnikov said on the sidelines of the World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi.

Reshetnikov said that, "The president's address itself essentially represents a comprehensive program until 2030, and there are many tracks outlined there that are especially significant for the economy, including everything related to the development of the supply-side economy."