27 Nov 2009 18:59

Interfax and Altares - D&B (France) have signed a strategic co-operation agreement

Leading Russian news agency Interfax and France’s Altares - D&B, part of the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network, the largest global business information network, have signed a strategic co-operation agreement on gathering and distributing commercial, financial and marketing information on the Russian and French markets.

The agreement was signed on November 27 during Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin‘s visit to France.

The main goals of the partnership are to intensify the exchange of information to help companies from both countries to find business partners, to promote bilateral relations, to reduce risks, and to conduct market research.

For this purpose, Interfax will provide Altares - D&B customers with information about Russian companies sourced from SPARK, Russia‘s largest database of corporate information, which was developed by Interfax. This includes details about companies‘ registrations, founders, financial accounts, and other information. Interfax customers in Russia will now be able to obtain information about French companies which they require to carry out international business operations.

"The agreement will make the Russian market more transparent for French companies, which should make it easier for them to establish commercial relations and reduce the risk of doing business in Russia,” said Mikhail Komissar, General Director of Interfax. “The information available about Russian companies overturns any belief that Russia is not an open and transparent economy."

"Today, in these uneasy economic times, the need for business information is growing. This agreement will enable the biggest users to gain unlimited access to information and integrate this directly in their decision-making systems," Komissar said.

For Thierry Asmar, CEO of Altares – D&B, “this partnership is a great opportunity to bring French and Russian business even closer. It will help promoting export and business development between our two countries. I have in mind all the small and medium companies as they represent the current strength of the French economy. These companies need support, better market and business information to be successful abroad”.

Under the agreement, Interfax and Altares - D&B will organize meetings with existing and potential clients in Paris, Lyon, Moscow and St. Petersburg in order to promote joint services in France and Russia, and will also organize seminars and roundtable discussions on pressing issues of the day for existing and potential clients, supplying verified business contacts to the participants at such events.

Interfax signed similar agreements with two other D&B subsidiaries; INFORMA D&B (Spain) and Dun & Bradstreet AG (Switzerland) in March and September 2009 respectively.

*** Altares - D&B forms part of the D&B Worldwide Network, the largest global business information network on the market. It supplies commercial, financial and marketing information on companies and sole-proprietorships in France and has records on more than 7 million companies to enhance its customers’ knowledge of their clients and suppliers, and to minimize their commercial and credit risks.

*** The D&B Worldwide Network delivers insight on more than 150 million businesses worldwide for the purpose of helping customers make credit, sales & marketing and supplier decisions. The D&B Worldwide Network operates as a global network of affiliates and partners providing D&B-branded business information products and services. The D&B Worldwide Network‘s areas of strength are its global brand, proprietary DUNSRight® quality process, and global database.

*** INTERFAX is a leading Russian news agency, with particular areas of strength being its unique expertise in gathering, processing, storing, and delivering authentic high-standard information. Interfax is the creator of SPARK, Russia‘s largest corporate information database with records on 12 million companies in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.