25 Sep 2009 18:57

Interfax opens office in Bashkortostan

The Interfax-Volga New Agency, which is a part of the Interfax Information Services Group, has announced the opening of an office and a press center in Ufa.

"We are keen to provide objective and professional coverage of all aspects of life in Bashkortostan without exception. A large-scale presence in the Republic of one of the leading news agencies will help us make Bashkortostan more attractive for investors and strengthen its business image," Bashkortostan’s Prime Minister Rail Sarbayev said after the first press conference on the new platform.

"I am certain that the work of Interfax will help provide the public with a wider and more objective coverage of Bashkortostan and will make the region’s media space more transparent both for its residents and for all our partners," Sarbayev said.

"I hope that the Interfax press center will become one of the popular media platforms that will enable journalists to exchange information, to look for answers to their questions, and to engage interesting news makers, of which there are quite a lot in the Republic, into a dialog," the prime minister said.

For his part, Alexei Gorshkov, the General Director of the General Information Services at Interfax, said that the opening of the Interfax-Volga office in Ufa logically fits into Interfax’ common growth strategy of expanding its presence in Russian regions. "For us Bashkortostan is one of the most interesting regions, both from the point of view of its diverse and strong economy, and in terms of the socio-political events occurring here. The region is making progress and the prospects for its further growth are impressive," Gorshkov said.

"We hope that our new press center will be convenient both for journalists and newsmakers and will help us achieve the goal of ensuring journalists’ free dialog with officials and businessmen on an independent media platform," Gorshkov said.

*** The Interfax-Volga News Agency is part of the Interfax Information Services Group, specializing in the coverage of the events in the Volga Federal District.

The agency publishes its own media product called "Interfax-Volga News" for mass media, authorities, companies, firms and banks.

The agency has press centers in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, and Perm.

*** Interfax Information Services Group develops professional information solutions that help companies operate on the financial and commodity markets, make investment decisions, manage risks and organize external communications

Interfax provides news, stock market data, analyses, search databases, business enquiries about companies, ratings and rankings, credit reports, IR services and information disclosure, organizes press conferences and posts advertisements on the Internet.

The network of press centers organized by Interfax Group has no analog and brings together more than 30 press halls in Russia’s main cities, as well as national press centers in Kyiv (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Baku (Azerbaijan). Each year Interfax holds over 1,500 press events on its platforms to discuss most important events and pressing issues.