26 Dec 2008 17:51

Interfax-Cbonds.ru corporate bond index gets name change

The Interfax International Information Group and the Cbonds.ru agency have decided to change the name of their corporate bond index from RUX-CBonds to IFX-Cbonds with effect from January 1, 2009.

 IFX-CBonds now incorporates the brands of both agencies, which have maintained the index on a joint basis since 2003.

The index is available at www.rusbonds.ru and www.cbonds.ru and on the Interfax newswires.

"We intend to continue developing IFX-CBonds as a universal and broadly acknowledged corporate bond market indicator for all market participants," said Viktor Konovalov, Deputy General Director of the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis, who is one of the index methodology‘s developers. "Despite the difficult situation in the debt market and reduction in bond issues in circulation, our index, as analysis shows, reflects the market situation reliably and adequately," Konovalov said.

The index list is reviewed once each quarter. The Index Committee last reviewed it on December 15, and the list now includes 30 securities.

The IFX-CBonds index was Russia‘s first indicator to reflect return on investment in the corporate bond market. The methodology was based on recommendations by the European Bond Commission and similar index practices abroad.

The index started at 100, on January 1, 2002.

The IFX-CBonds is a member of the tracker indices family and is a Total Return Index. In addition to reflecting the market situation, the index also tracks return on investment in Russian corporate bonds for a specific period.

 Interfax and Cbonds.ru support the two most popular Russian corporate bond market web resources, namely www.rusbonds.ru and www.cbonds.ru.


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