22 Apr 2008 17:25

Finmarket launches technical analysis section at www.finmarket.ru

The Finmarket information agency, a part of the Interfax International Services Group, has launched a ‘Technical Analysis’ section at www.finmarket.ru, allowing comprehensive analysis of the results of Russian stock market indices and ‘blue chips’ included on the MICEX listing.

The section, which can be reached at http://www.finmarket.ru/z/anl/techanl/asp, will be useful for both professional stock market players and private investors. It allows to graphically trace results of certain stock market indicators in an on-line regime (time range is from one minute to one day). The graphic can then be imported from the ‘Technical Analysis’ section on the Finmarket website to the user’s personal computer for further analysis.

“We managed to considerably extend the potential of the www.finmarket.ru portal. News sections ‘Banks,’ ‘Insurance’ and ‘Interviews,’ as well as analytical sections ‘Rankings’ and ‘Credit ratings,’ were created. This, as well as the fact that the agency made an emphasis on private investors, allowed Finmarket to extend the target audience of the website and to secure a 20% increase in the number of visitors,” Finmarket General Director Denis Yevstigneev said. “Our further effort will be aimed at actively promoting Internet-based services and extending the news content for ‘advanced’ Internet users, who are interested in financial markets. In particular, we plan to create a section on the website dedicated to mutual investment funds,” he said.

*** Finmarket Information Agency (www.finmarket.ru) was set up in 1994 and became a part of the Interfax International Services Group in 2007. The information agency specializes in presentation of financial-economic and business information for professionals in the securities market such as banks and financial specialists, brokers, insurance firms, and a wide spectrum of specialists interested in events on the Russian financial markets.

The agency issues over 300 news items every day. It also maintains the analytical comments and forecasts wire, provides digital data on services in the securities market, which it receives from hundreds of banks, as well as agents outside the securities market and financial institutions.

The agency’s website, www.finmarket.ru, is one of the most visited Internet news resources dedicated to finance and the economy. The website provides open access to news, fundamental and analytical information. The agency also maintains an Internet resource specializing in the bonds market – www.rusbonds.ru - and a website for consumers of financial services – Private Money (www.pmoney.ru).

Finmarket, which began functioning almost simultaneously with the emergence of the Russian financial market, is considered as one of the most respective sources of financial, economic and business information.

*** Interfax International Information Services Group provides news and other information products that are essential for decision makers in politics and business. The group, which was founded in 1989, incorporates a network of national, regional and sector-related news agencies active in Russia, other CIS member-nations, China and Central Europe.

Interfax offers over 100 services, including news, analytical services, market data, analytical information, data bases, ratings, credit reports and IR services, to financial markets and investors, mass media and state agencies.