7 Apr 2008 17:19

Interfax launches a new Investor Relations (IR) service – identification of shareholders of Russian public companies and owners of ruble bonds

Interfax Business Service, which is part of the Interfax Information Services Group, is widening the spectrum of IR services, and launches, in partnership with Thomson Financial, a new service of identifying the shareholders of Russian public companies and owners of ruble bonds.

"Information about the shareholders and the monitoring of changes in the shareholder base are the corner stone of any company’s work with investors (Investor Relations.) Up until now Russian companies only had access to the identification of foreign investors. Interfax Business Service’s new product encompasses the strong points of Interfax and Thomson Financial, and opens to IR experts unmatched opportunities and guarantees an unprecedented new level of services," Interfax Business Service General Director Mikhail Matovnikov said. "The Russian financial market and Russian investors are playing an increasingly important role in the life of Russian public companies. Therefore, IR efforts being made by Russian companies are in need of adequate information backing, previously available only on the international capital markets," he added.

A regular Identification of shareholders, allows companies to assess changes in the shareholder structure, optimize the work of the IR departments and use the company’s managerial capabilities in implementing the IR strategy with maximum efficiency. Identification of shareholders would be useful in preparations for shareholder meetings, in planning road shows and holding presentations of companies for investors and in organizing SPO’s.

Issuers of Eurobonds and similar instruments (CLN, LPN,) and of ruble bonds are offered the service of identifying bond holders.

Information about who owns bonds is extremely important for planning new bond issues, in preparations for an offer and in the work to lower the value of debt capital by implementing an IR program on the debt market.

*** Interfax Business Service specializes in providing Investor Relations services to Russian companies. It is a strategic partner for Thomson Financial, a leading provider of information and technological solutions for the international financial community. This cooperation makes it possible to widen the spectrum of services by using the best technologies and top-quality international information.

In 2007 Interfax Business Service in partnership with Thomson Financial implemented IR support projects for 40 companies in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The use of information resources and infrastructure available to Interfax and Thomson Financial allows companies from countries of the region to cover a wide base of local and foreign investors.

*** Thomson Financial is a company with annual receipts of $1.73 billion, providing information and technological solutions for the world financial community. Offering a most expansive range of products and services, Thomson Financial helps clients to make optimum decisions, work more efficiently and gain better results in more than 70 countries. is part of Thomson Corporation, a world leader providing integrated information solutions for over 20 million companies and professionals in legal issues, accountancy, taxation, financial services, higher education, reference information, corporate education and employee assessment electronic systems, scientific research and healthcare. Thomson Corporation, with receipts of $8.1 billion is listed in the New York and Toronto securities exchanges.

***Interfax Information Services Group provides news and information products essential for decision-making in politics and business. Established in 1989, Interfax Group comprises a network of national, regional, and specialized news agencies operating throughout Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in China and Central Europe.

Since the early 1990s, Interfax has been the main provider of real-time news from Russia and the CIS. It is the most frequently quoted source of information about the region. Interfax is now also a leading provider of business news from China and the emerging markets of Central Europe.

The Group includes companies and divisions that provide news, analytical services, market data, as well as offering and developing software solutions for financial markets.