29 Feb 2008 17:10

Interfax is announcing it has launched e-newspaper www.interfax.ru and new e-services

Interfax Information Services Group (Interfax Group) is announcing the launching of an Internet newspaper, www.interfax.ru, a separate information project targeting a wide audience.

The new www.interfax.ru/is a powerful round-the-clock information resource where up-to-date news are the priority. The main goal of the portal is to create a comprehensive news panorama of the day reflecting major events in the socioeconomic and political life of Russia and the world, with cultural dimension and sports.

The news content of the www.interfax.ru/ includes information Interfax obtains first-hand, something unique on the Russian Internet. This sets the project apart from the majority of existing e-publications.

In addition to up-to-date news, the e-newspaper will publish exclusive interviews, analytical articles and commentaries supported by detailed reference information. The best Interfax journalists participate in the preparation of these materials, making possible coverage of various events with insight, details and the classical precision of an information agency.

When attracting analysts and experts to creation of materials for www.interfax.ru/, the Interfax Group also sets the goal to deploy on the news portal not only a comprehensive panorama of the current day but also to forecast future developments.

The publications are supported by photos. In particular, every thematic section has a Picture Story. The publication will also carry the latest news on the stock exchange and weather reports.

An Internet board that includes our own correspondents and Internet editors will provide content for the news portal.

The Interfax Internet newspaper is an attractive site for advertisers. It has simple and understandable navigation, wide search capabilities and provides access to the major resources of the Interfax Group, including commercial products and services.

"Internet representation of the Group will now be based on two major news portals with quick access - www.interfax.ru and www.finmarket.ru. the first portal covers social and political issues, while the second portal covers financial and economic issues, reflecting the two basic directions of Interfax‘ work," Interfax’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mikhail Komissar said. "The high rate of growth of the Russian market of Internet advertising makes it possible for us to have an optimistic vision of development prospects of this direction as one of our main business projects."

With the launch of the news portal www.interfax.ru/ , the website www.finmarket.ru/ becomes the main representation of the Financial and Business News Services; its content includes specialized information - analytical materials, news, and interviews. In particular, special pages covering banking issues and developments on the insurance market have been created on www.finmarket.ru/. Content for these pages is prepared on the basis of Interfax‘s information.

In terms of the development of Internet services, a new version of the Internet portal www.finmarket.ru/dedicated to Russian bonds is now available to Russian players on the financial market.

Parallel to the launch of the e-newspaper, Interfax has created a news website covering local events throughout Russia - www.interfax-russia.ru/. Users of this resource will be first to get news reported by Interfax‘s regional agencies present in all federal districts of Russia.

Information on the information products and services offered by the Interfax Group is available on an additional site: www.group.interfax.ru/The site also provides key information on major Interfax activities, on the companies making up the Group, the projects they are working on, Interfax contacts, etc.

Here is the list of open Interfax resources in Russian:

  • www.interfax.ru/ - information resource on social and political news;
  • www.finmarket.ru/ - a comprehensive range of text and quoted information on the Russian financial and commodity markets, all main events in economics and politics;
  • www.personalmoney.ru/("personal money") - website covering issues on how to keep and multiply one‘s assets; how to dispose of property; how to choose an insurance company; how to get a loan; what education to choose for one‘s children, etc.;
  • www.rusbonds.ru/ - website on Russian bonds and their issuers;
  • www.e-disclosure.ru/- website on disclosure of information on 12,000 Russian issuers of securities;
  • www.privatize.ru/- full information on companies being privatized in Russia;
  • www.interfax-russia.ru/- information resource on events in Moscow and Russian regions;
  • www.russianeconomy.ru/- information on Russian regions: investment climate, economic development programs, major projects, stocks and ratings;
  • www.gde24.ru/ - reference and information website with the addresses of all Russian companies;
  • www.interfax-religion.ru/ - information on the life of various religious denominations in Russia.