7 Sep 2007 16:55

Finmarket launches new version of www.rusbonds.ru portal

The Finmarket news agency, incorporated in the Interfax Information Services Group, has launched a new version of the www.rusbonds.ru web portal as part of its program for the development of professional Internet services for Russian stock market players.

Among the key differences of the new version of http://www.rusbonds.ru/is qualitative improvement of the structure of the navigation menu and search engines within the website, in particular, due to a simplified procedure for addressing the database. A new design better highlights the working area to make it more convenient for its users.

In addition, www.rusbonds.ru has new headings such as ‘MICEX bonds market indicators’ within the section dealing with corporate and government bonds.

“Thanks to Interfax’ specialized services, such as the SPARK database and the (http://www.e-disclosure.ru/) disclosure system, the informational potential o f www.rusbonds.ru is also being actively expanded,” RusBonds Chief Coordinator Nadezhda Ryazhenova said.

RusBonds deals with Russian bonds and is designed for investors and analysts as well as all those with an interest in bonds issued by Russian issuers. The key advantage of http://www.rusbonds.ru/distinguishing it from similar resources is the project’s well-thought technical solution, in particular, a conveniently built database on Russian bonds, issuers, and brokers, which serves as the portal’s informational basis.

According to Rambler’s Top100, http://www.rusbonds.ru/is visited by about 2,500-2,800 people per day, and the average daily number of hits mentioning the website is around 10,000.

***The Finmarket news agency (http://www.finmarket.ru/), was established in March 1994 and incorporated in Interfax Information Services Group in 2007. It specializes in providing financial and business information intended for securities market players, including banks, financial, investment, broker and insurance companies, as well as a broad audience of specialists interested in events taking place on Russia‘s financial markets. The agency releases more than 300 news items and a wire of analytical commentaries and forecasts and offers digital data on services available on the financial market provided by hundreds of banks, off-exchange market players, and financial institutions every day. The web portal www.finmarket.ru provides a full range of information on the Russian financial and commodity markets and all key economic and political events. Among the paid products that Finmarket supplies to professional market players are the Finmarket RealTime exchange information delivery systems (http://fmrt.finmarket.ru/ ), specialized bulletins, and databases.