26 Jul 2007 16:54

Interfax launching new product for tourism market

Interfax Information Services Group announces the launching of a new information project for the tourism services market.

In the framework of the project, Interfax has begun publishing a daily and a weekly version of a specialized news bulletin titled ‘Tourism Market News‘ and has set up a web page on tourism under its main open news portal www.interfax.ru.

The new publication caters not only to the professionals and the media but also to all those interested in companies active in the tourism industry and who use their services.

The bulletin covers the activities of key players on the tourism market, including tour operators and agencies, airlines and airports, hotels and recreational centers, the administrations of resorts and the tourism offices of various countries, as well as federal, regional, and municipal government bodies dealing with tourism. The publication attaches focuses on government policy in the tourism sector and developments on the domestic and foreign tourism markets.

Tourism Market News is yet another Interfax product to focus on investment-appealing sectors of the Russian economy. The Interfax Group currently issues specialized publications on the oil and gas, metallurgy, and telecommunications sectors and for players on the financial, insurance, and real estate markets.

"A new format of presentation of information that combines news and commentaries by leading market analysts, which we proposed in launching the Real Estate project several years ago, has proven to be in great demand. This is why we intend to pursue the same strategy in the tourism project as well," said the project‘s manager, Leonid Persky.

"The key newsmakers in the new publications will be the leaders of the tourism industry, whose operations determine its future," Persky said. "Tourism is one of the most dynamically growing sectors of the world economy. According to the Russian Federal Tourism Agency estimates, the sector‘s revenues in Russia account for 2.5% to 3% of its GDP. Certainly, this is not a very high figure so far, but the stable growth in demand for tourism services recorded in the past several years gives grounds to talk about the sector‘s high potential. This should inevitably prompt a surge in information activities and cause an increase in demand for quality business information on this sector, which will be available on the tourism web page under the www.interfax.ru portal," Persky said.

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