7 Nov 2006 16:14

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Zhukov praises Interfax Group’s activities in China

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov has praised the progress of the Interfax-China project, describing Interfax Information Services Group as "a reliable source of information" on the Chinese economy.

Zhukov, who is currently on a visit to China, attended the Presentation of the Interfax-China news agency‘s media project in Shanghai on Tuesday.

"In over six years of work on the Chinese market, Interfax-China has turned into a reliable source of objective and accurate information on the development of the economy of China and a wide variety of its individual sectors, not only on the Russia market, but also in third countries‘ markets," Zhukov told the agency‘s staff. The agency‘s news services enjoy growing demand, he added.

"Information provided by the Interfax-China agency on a daily basis enjoys high demand not only among the business community, but also the mass media, politicians and diplomats," the deputy prime minister said.

Expanding trade and business cooperation between Russia and China and broadening humanitarian contacts is likely to bolster demand for the products offered by the Interfax-China agency, the deputy prime minister said.

Commenting on the partnership between Interfax and Vneshtorgbank (VTB), one of Russia‘s major banks, in the Interfax-China project, Zhukov said, "The agency has prospects, given the support of a powerful bank such as VTB."

"The Interfax-China agency has been promoting the interests of both Russia and China amid stiff competition on the global media market through its successful work in the area of business and financial news," Zhukov‘s aide Konstantin Voitsekhovich said during the presentation. "Doubtlessly, it is the success of an international team of managers who pioneered this project and the staff who are working on the project at the moment," he said.

*** The Interfax-China news agency is a Russian based company registered in March 2000. It specializes in information on China for a large number of clients in Russia and around the world. VTB became Interfax‘ partner on the Chinese project in mid-2002.

Interfax-China publishes two periodicals in the Russian language: the on-line China Newswire and China Business Review weekly.

The project also provides information on the most developed industries, including energy, telecommunications, metallurgy, IT, media and pharmaceuticals in the English language.

Some 40 highly qualified journalists and editors working for Interfax‘ offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Moscow distribute information on China.

Today, Interfax-China is the largest international project of the Interfax International Information Group. News published by the agency is an important part of information on China in networks of international information companies and databases.

Leading media organizations, international corporations and banks are clients of the news agency. Interfax-China products are disseminated all over the world through the Interfax Group in Moscow, Hong Kong, London and New York.

Interfax-China is seeking to make as great contribution as possible to the development of strategic partnership between Russia and China in general and to their economic component in particular.

Providing its customers with information critically important for decision-making every day, Interfax-China is strategically oriented toward entering the Chinese information environment by producing and circulating market-relevant news, which are a great help for managers in making decisions.