24 Oct 2006 16:03

Interfax press center opens in Kazakhstan

The Interfax-Kazakhstan News Agency, which is a member of the Interfax Information Services Group, has announced the launch of a press center in Almaty.

The Almaty press center is Interfax‘s first press center in Kazakhstan and the third one outside Russia. Interfax operates press centers in Kyiv and Baku.

The new Interfax press center, which is located in downtown Almaty (15 Republic Square), is one of the largest press centers in the city. It boasts state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and offers all the necessary facilities for television crews.

“We view the establishment of a press center in Almaty as an independent business project aimed at expanding the range of information services offered by the Interfax-Kazakhstan agency,” the agency’s General Director Natalia Minakova said.

“Putting this project into effect, we were guided by Interfax’s positive experience which has allowed all of the group’s media forums, both in Russia and abroad, to become the recognized front-runners of the media market,” she said.

“Today Interfax’s press centers, both in Russia and other countries, are the most prestigious and attended venues. They enjoy popularity among both mass media representatives and newsmakers. Without a doubt, this is the goal we are aiming to achieve,” Minakova said.

The opening of the Almaty press center was timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency, Interfax-Kazakhstan editor-in-chief Nail Ishmukhametovsaid.“This is symbolic. Over the years, Interfax-Kazakhstan has become one of the leaders of the republic’s media market. I believe that the opening of a new press center is a new stage in our work aimed at covering the media space of Kazakhstan as fully as possible,” he said.

***The Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency was established in October 1996 and specializes in covering events in Kazakhstan. The agency publishes a series of bulletins in Russian, Kazakh and English and runs political and business news wires. Its clients include governmental organizations, leading media groups, major corporations, national companies and banks, as well as embassies and representative offices of foreign countries and international organizations.

In 2000, Altyn Zhuldyz (Golden Star) named Interfax-Kazakhstan the best news agency. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev extended his official gratitude to Interfax-Kazakhstan in 2001, when Kazakhstan marked the tenth anniversary of its independence. The Kazakh Union of Journalists and the Kazinpres Association named Interfax-Kazakhstan the republic’s best media structure in 2002.