9 Oct 2006 15:59

Interfax to issue bulletin for Disclosure System companies www.e-disclosure.ru

Interfax has started issuing "Discloser System News" – a regular electronic bulletin for Russian companies disclosing operative corporate data in compliance with demands set by the Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS), via authorized news agencies, Interfax included.

“Today, the disclosure system is developing and improving at a fast pace. As FFMS continues to adjust its demands to disclosure system participants, we feel it is a dire necessity to keep companies aware of all these adjustments,” Dmitry Olenkov, head of Interfax’ discloser group, said.

“The number of companies disclosing data through authorized agencies reached 9,000 in September, a large audience with common information needs. We are trying to make our disclosure services as convenient and comprehensible to companies as possible, and to make information accessible to investors,” he said.

The first issue of the bulletin carries an interview with Pavel Filimoshin, deputy chief of the FFMS securities emission regulatory body; detailed statistical data on how the disclosure system works; the results of a recent opinion poll among emitters; an article on Interfax readers; and an article about data disclosure problems faced by companies having a listing in Russia and abroad.

The first issue of the bulletin, which is distributed among all 9,000 companies, has been posted on www.e-disclosure.ru and marks the third anniversary of the disclosure system’s creation.

In October 2003, the stock market regulator obliged emitters to disclose information about major events through authorized news agencies. Thanks to this system, corporate news reached Russian investors within hours, and not days or weeks, as was the case before.

The number of companies disclosing information through news agencies has increased by more than 50% over the past year. the first nine months of 2006, Interfax published a total of 40,000 news items from companies, which is freely available to all Internet users at www.e-disclosure.ru.