26 Nov 2008 15:38

Interfax and Platts launch a joint Russian language publication on the energy market

Interfax and Platts launch a joint Russian language publication on the energy market


         Interfax, a leading Russian economic information agency, and Platts, a major supplier of data on energy markets, have launched a new publication covering all major segments of the domestic and global energy markets.


         The new weekly publication is unprecedented on the Russian information market and comprises unique price and statistical data with news from the Platts agency combined with the information resources of Interfax which is a major agency covering developments in the Russian fuel and energy sector.


         The publication is called EnergoScan-Interfax & Platts (www.energoscan.ru) and carries data on the markets of electric power, gas, oil, oil products and coal both in Russia and throughout the world. These are domestic and world prices, basic statistics, news from producers, traders and regulators – the most important stories published by the both agencies. 


         "For Russia, a major energy supplier and consumer, the development prospects of this market segment is a priority. Rapid liberalization of the energy and gas markets, creation of the oil product exchange, all these things indicate that the Russian domestic energy market has become more transparent and dynamic. Our effort seeks to help professionals operating on the market to better discern the market situation, to promptly respond to changes in market trends and to make the correct decisions for their business success," said Yuri Pogorely, Deputy General Director, Financial & Business Information Services of the Interfax Group.


         "For us, the partnership with the leading Russian information agency is a serious step prompted by evolutionary changes on the Russian energy market. The international team of Interfax and Platts experts has carried out serious preparatory work. In early 2008, it conducted specialized market research which made it possible to clearly identify information niches and needs in the Russian energy market. In the new publication, for the first time in Russian, Platts has presented a unique choice of price indicators and commentary on the Russian domestic oil and oil production  market. We are sure that the EnergoScan-Interfax & Platts bulletin will make a reliable and efficient business tool for all the players in the Russian energy market," Yekaterina Troshnikova, manager for Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, said.


*** International Information Group Interfax (www.interfax.ru, www.interfax.com) develops professional information solutions helping companies to operate on the financial and commodity markets, to take investment decisions, to manage risks, organize external communications.


Interfax products and services are news, stock exchange information, analytical stories, search data bases, business reference for companies, ratings and rankings, credit reports, services in the IR area, organization of press conferences and publication of e-advertising. The Group operates in Russia and CIS countries, Central Europe and China.


The Group includes three specialized agencies, covering the activity of all sectors of fuel and energy sector: Interfax-PNA has provided to professionals exclusive information on the Russian oil sector; Interfax-GNA, a unique gas sector information agency; and Interfax-ENA that closely follows the development of the Russian electric power market.


*** Platts is a subdivision of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. , a leading world energy information agency. Since 1909, Platts has contributed to the transparency on the global energy markets. Platts is a reliable and independent source of information on the markets of oil and oil products, natural gas, electric power, nuclear power, coal, petrochemicals and metals, providing information to clients in 150 countries of the world. Traders, market strategists, experts in risk management and other professional energy market participants rely daily upon Platts data – online news, markets comments and independent price analysis, - for their commercial and investment decision making. For more information please see www.platts.com