2 Dec 2008 15:37

Interfax-Azerbaijan opens an office in Lenkoran!

The Interfax-Azerbaijan News Agency, which is part of the Interfax Information Services Group, has announced the opening of an office in Lenkoran, the agency’s third regional office in the country.
Interfax-Azerbaijan headquartered in Baku already has offices in Nakhichevan and Gyandzha.

Lenkoran office head Suleiman Mikailov welcomed the opening of the agency’s office. "I am certain that the work of the Interfax-Azerbaijan regional office will help better inform the public about what is happening in the economic, political and cultural life of Lenkoran and the entire southern region in general," Mikailov said.
Interfax-Azerbaijan’s General Director Alexander Ivanov said: "Lenkoran is the center of the country’s strategically important southern region which has access to the Caspian Sea and shares a border with Iran."

"Our further plans include the opening of correspondent offices in the northern region, which will ensure the presence of Interfax-Azerbaijan across the whole country," Ivanov added.

The Interfax Azerbaijan News Agency (www.interfax.az) founded in 2003 specializes in covering the most important political and economic events in Azerbaijan. The agency also provides detailed information to its subscribers about future and current projects in the oil production and refining industry and the transport sector not only in Azerbaijan but also across the whole Caspian region, which is rapidly becoming one of the key energy supplies on the world market.

Interfax-Azerbaijan is the fourth biggest project implemented by Interfax Group in the CIS. Interfax-Ukraine, Interfax-Kazakhstan and Interfax-West (Belarus) are successfully operating in the Commonwealth countries. Today, each of these agencies is an absolute leader on the information market in its respective country.

"Interfax-Azerbaijan has become not only one of the leading national media outlets but also a reliable and tested source of objective information about our country," Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said in a congratulatory address on the fifth anniversary of the news agency in May 2008.