2 Dec 2021 12:01

Interfax integrating digital solutions into SPbPU educational programs

Interfax Group and the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) have signed an agreement on cooperation to integrate digital solutions developed by Interfax into the university's educational programs and research activities.

The university plans to include the SPARK (risk assessment, ensuring economic security of businesses, verification of counterparties) and MARKER (purchasing monitoring and control) information systems in the master's, bachelor's and specialist programs in a number of areas at the Higher School of Engineering and Economics of its Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade.

Data provided in the SPARK and MARKER systems will enable students to do analysis and draw conclusions in the practical portion of bachelor's work and master's dissertations, carry out research projects involving statistical and econometric modelling and business forecasting, as well as conduct high-quality empirical research published in the journals Scopus Q1-2. SPbPU and Interfax also plan to develop continuing education programs together.

"We are pleased to begin working with Interfax, the proprietor of the most advanced information and analytical system about the financial and business activities of companies in Russia. Using the company's digital solutions will help develop students' skills in data analysis, assessment of economic interrelations, and monitoring the development of specific companies and sectors of regional economies. These competencies will increase demand for our graduates on the job market," SPbPU Rector and Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Rudskoi said.

"Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is one of our country's leading technical post secondary institutions and we expect that our digital solutions will help prepare students in various fields to work at leading companies and government institutions. We are prepared to share our experience in order to give young specialists systemic knowledge and practical skills in the area of risk analysis that are necessary for effective management," Interfax Group Chairman Mikhail Komissar said.

SPbPU, one of the oldest post secondary institutions in Russia, currently has more than 33,000 students. In 2020, the university acquired the status of an Advanced Digital Technologies World Class Learning Center. SPbPU continually holds leading positions in the ranking of Russian technical universities, and is included in the World University Rankings 2022.

Interfax has been implementing the Universities Program "Digital Technologies for Education and Science" since the beginning of 2020. The program goals include integrating unique databases and modern IT solutions into the educational process and research activities, developing the qualifications of educators and researchers, and teaching students practical skills in the area of information monitoring and analysis, risk assessment methods and decision making.

Interfax, working with its partners, develops its own educational programs, courses and teaching aids on a broad range of subjects, including corporate business analysis, risk assessment, compliance procedures, ensuring transparency of government procurements, analysis of the government contracts market and competition, taxation, financial and credit risks, RegTech, digital solutions in legal practice, media analysis and news reporting.