14 Sep 2021 10:10

Interfax develops course on transfer pricing for MGIMO graduate students

Interfax Group has developed a practical course on transfer pricing for graduate students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

The course was developed as part of Interfax's Digital Technologies for Education and Science university program and included in the mandatory curriculum of the last year of the International Accounting, Analysis and Audit Master's program of the International Economic Relations Department. The course includes a series of lectures and tutorials that offer a comprehensive approach to dealing with transfer pricing issues. 

"We are educating a new generation of students, professionals who have applied knowledge and for whom doors open at the largest corporations. The Interfax course on transfer pricing is an outstanding example of how practical knowledge is integrated into the education program," the Dean of the International Economic Relations Department at MGIMO, Oleg Pichkov said.

"The knowledge acquired in the course will not only enable students to work out a systemic approach to understanding transfer pricing issues and develop practical skills in applying pricing rules, it will also enable them to obtain practical experience working with the latest specialized tools, such as the ASTRA-Interfax (tp.interfax.ru) service for analysis and justification of transfer pricing, which is particularly valuable for building a young professional's portfolio and increases demand for them on the job market," the Director of Business Development at Interfax Financial and Business News Service, Artyom Peregudov said.

"The course will examine the rules for recognizing controlled transactions, the main methods for determining market prices and identifying related parties, ways to justify transfer prices in specific types of transactions, as well as the procedure for preparing reporting documentation on controlled transactions for the tax authorities. Complex issues of transfer pricing will be broken down in practical examples, taking into account established judicial practice, as well as the clarifications of regulators - the Finance Ministry and Federal Tax Service of Russia," Peregudov, who is an expert in transfer pricing and tax planning, said.

The "skills students acquire in the course will be sufficient to begin working in this field," he added.

Interfax has been implementing the Digital Technologies for Education and Science university program since the beginning of 2020 in partnership with the country's leading post-secondary institutions. The program's main goal is to integrate unique databases and modern IT solutions into the educational process and research activities, develop the qualifications of educators and researchers, and teach students practical skills in the area of information monitoring and analysis, risk assessment methods and decision making.

Under the program, Interfax, working with its partners, develops its own education programs, courses and teaching aids on a broad range of subjects, including corporate business analysis, risk assessment, compliance procedures, ensuring transparency of government procurements, analysis of the government contracts market and competition, taxation, financial and credit risks, RegTech, digital solutions in legal practice, media analysis and news reporting.