24 Dec 2020 11:26

Interfax to combine all services for purchasing market under Marker brand

Interfax Group has decided to bring together all of its information and analytics services for customers, suppliers and controllers who work with data on government and commercial purchasing, including the well-known SPARK-Marketing service, under the Marker brand.

All relevant Interfax services will get an updated user Interfax in the course of 2021 that will simplify and accelerate work on controlling and auditing purchases, analyzing and rationalizing prices, identifying conflicts of interest, and searching for and assessing potential customers and suppliers.

The changes will also affect a specialized solution, the Control module for regulatory and oversight bodies, which will also become part of the Marker line of products. This module is now an integral part of the SPARK-Marketing system launched in 2012 and is already used by many federal government agencies.

The module automatically identifies more than 80 indicators of possible legal violations in conducting purchasing procedures under federal laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ. After the Interfax services are combined, the analytical capabilities of the "digital inspector" will be expanded with new indicators that will factor in recent changes to legislation.

"In the past nine years, services for suppliers, purchasers and controllers have become an independent avenue of development at Interfax. Given the rapid digitization of businesses during the pandemic, its importance has increased dramatically. The name 'Marker' best reflects our main objective, which is to help market participants find, identify and assess important information in a huge array of 'big data' on purchases. In order to do so, we will continue to develop Marker, foremost as a powerful analytics solution," Marker-Interfax Project Manager Yevgeniya Bengina said.

The updated line of Marker-Interfax services will include two systems with web access - for analysis and control of purchases in various breakdowns and for management of the business processes of supplier companies' tender departments, as well as an API for integrating data on purchasing procedures and their participants into companies' internal systems.

Interfax Group is the largest private information services group in Russia, and the developer of popular analytics systems such as SPARK, SCAN, RU Data and X-Compliance that help businesses efficiently manage risks and work with data. The Group includes one of the best known and most cited Russian news agencies in the world, Interfax. Interfax's customers include leading media outlets, government institutions, and major corporations and banks in Russia and around the world.