19 Mar 2020 18:32

SPARK-Interfax tops RAEX ranking of analytical systems for business

SPARK-Interfax topped the RAEX Rating Agency's (RAEX Analytics) ranking of information and analytical systems for verification of counterparties.

The 21 systems were rated according to 18 criteria, including fulness of data, level of service, recognition and cost of services. SPARK was awarded over 85 points and became the undisputed leader. IAS, Globas took second place with 59 points.

“Seventeen years ago, SPARK became the first information and analytical system that became widely used by businesses to assess tax and credit risks, verify counterparties and conduct investment analysis. This market is worth about 5 billion rubles today. There are dozens of financial and analytical systems on this market, but, according to all independent assessment, SPARK remains the clear leader. In 2020, we plan to take the solution to the next level and focus especially on making it even more user friendly,” said Roman Laba, Deputy General Director, Interfax, and the Director of the SPARK-Interfax project.

The assessment considered various scenarios for using these systems and sought input from experts, who took into account the requirements of three main user groups: business analysts, financiers and journalists.

SPARK came first in 17 of 18 assessment criteria.

For business analysts the “ability to integrate the system into the internal processes of a company using API” was key. SPARK received the highest marks for this.

Specialists from the financial sector awarded the highest points to SPARK for “convenience of exporting information and the fullness and relevance of data needed to assess the reliability of counterparties.”

Business journalists were concerned about the simplicity of using the systems, as well as the ability to identify connections between companies and their beneficiaries. SPARK also received the highest marks for this.

Overall, SPARK achieved the highest recognition for “fulness of data”, “level of service” and “recognition.”

The RAEX rating of Russian IAS is available at https://raex-a.ru/rankings/ias/2020.

SPARK-Interfax is a comprehensive solution for verifying legal entities, private entrepreneurs, directors and shareholders in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova. It provides the insight and analysis you need to make faster, better-informed decisions. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2017, 71.5% of large and medium businesses in Russia used SPARK for due diligence purposes.