4 Jun 2018 17:55

Interfax publishes 2018 rating of Russian regions by environmental, energy efficiency of businesses

Interfax Information Services Group has published its 2018 rating of Russian regions by the environmental and energy efficiency of businesses.

The rating includes, for the first time, the Republic of Crimea.

It is based on data for 5,424 enterprises from 84 constituent members of the Russian Federation, excluding the City of Sevastopol, drawing on fundamental efficiency ratings for enterprises conducted by Interfax at the end of 2017. Enterprises were ranked according to five criteria: energy resource efficiency, generation of waste, atmospheric pollution, effluent and ecosystem sustainability.

The top 10 in the Fundamental Efficiency Rating of Russian regions in 2018 are the Republic of Chuvashia, Kaluga and Belgorod regions, Komi Republic, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Udmurtia Republic, Nenets District, Republic of Marii El, Nizhny Novgorod Region and Republic of Tatarstan.

Initially, all regions are ranked by five separate criteria: energy resource efficiency; technological efficiency; ecosystem efficiency; change in efficiency; and transparency. Companies are ranked by each of the criteria and the final ranking is determined according to the sum of their places in the five separate rankings.

As for individual criteria, the best region in terms of energy efficiency was the Astrakhan Region; the Nenets District, with its relatively new extractive industry, was the leader in both technological efficiency and change in efficiency; the Chechen Republic came top in ecosystem efficiency thanks to its highly sustainable natural eco-systems and low environmental impact of the economy as it is rebuilt; and businesses in the Republic of Crimea, which became actively involved in the Year of Ecology, had the most transparent environmental reporting.

For the first time, ratings for each constituent member are accompanied by overviews of their position in the rating and weights of each criterion compared with neighboring or similar regions. These overviews name the companies, showings for which positively or negatively affect the overall rating of a region.