28 Apr 2018 13:05

Interfax integrates data of 300 mln global companies and Rosreestr real estate information into SPARK-Interfax system

Users of the SPARK-Interfax system have received access to new sources of information, which have fundamentally broadened the system‘s capabilities, as well as to an updated service for visualization of links and affiliations between legal entities.

Thus, it is now possible to file an enquiry with the Russian Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions (Rosreestr) via the SPARK-Interfax system and receive information on real estate, property rights and encumbrances. Searches are conducted by address or cadastral number.

SPARK has also been integrated with the Dun & Bradstreet corporation‘s database, now offering the option of a consolidated search in a database containing all the world‘s registered companies.

"The Dun & Bradstreet global database is without equal in the world and is based on a unique technology of standardization and verification of data. Our users have gained access to information on nearly 300 million companies in 220 countries. The search mechanism of the SPARK system gives the option of selecting companies by country, line of business, revenue, and number of personnel. The brief company summary makes it possible to quickly evaluate the size of the company, understand its area of business and acquire information on its management and parent company," Interfax Deputy CEO Roman Laba said.

Another innovation was the expanded functionality of the "affiliation search" service via new types of affiliations. Thus, trademarks provide the opportunity to track affiliations via franchise relationships. Another new category, "possible" affiliations, is constructed without the use of identification codes, using facility names and a number of other auxiliary factors.

The SPARK system (www.spark-interfax.ru), an Interfax Group IT service, has set the standard in Russia for providing information about companies. Quality and up-to-date information on companies in the system is combined with analytical instruments and services based on knowledge of information sources and a profound understanding of the tasks that SPARK clients face every day. It is used to check up on companies and counteragents and to manage risks and receivables. The system annually processes over 500 million information requests from tens of thousands of users.