1 Dec 2016 11:00

Interfax, Energy Ministry to cooperate on assessing Russian companies‘ energy efficiency

Interfax Information Services Group and the Russian Energy Ministry plan to work together on developing, promoting and using ratings for the energy efficiency of Russian companies, industries and regions.

Interfax and the ministry reached an agreement on a long-term information partnership in this area at the ENES-2016 energy efficiency and conservation forum that was held in Moscow on November 23-24.

Deputy Energy Minister Anton Inyutsyn said the "energy efficiency ratings should become an instrument of government policy in the area of reducing the energy-intensiveness of the Russian economy as a whole and the economies of the constituent members of the Russian Federation, sectors, companies and enterprises that form it. Informing regional businesses, government agencies and citizens about the energy efficiency of their regions, businesses, power grids, transport and housing and utilities sectors should become an important objective of our partnership with Interfax."

The ministry will determine the main areas of application of efficiency assessments, priority sectors and key criteria, according to which the government needs the energy efficiency ratings to be developed.

Interfax, which has many years of experience developing similar ratings and an extensive database for comparing businesses, companies and regions of any size, will provide methodological support for the development of new ratings and benchmarking as a natural extension of work on assessing the efficiency of Russian businesses (http://interfax-era.ru/reitingi-predpriyatii/po-regionam).

A rating of Russian regions on the implementation of government energy efficiency policy, developed by the Energy Ministry with methodological support from environmental and energy rating agency Interfax-ERA, was published in November 2016 (http://minenergo.gov.ru/node/6533). This rating, combined with assessments of the environmental transparency of Russian businesses (http://www.interfax-russia.ru/main.asp?id=786512) and the rating of the environmental and energy efficiency of Russia‘s 150 largest companies (http://interfax-era.ru/reitingi-predpriyatii/2016), can be seen as the informational foundation for the upcoming Year of the Environment.