22 Nov 2016 22:01

SPARK project wins Runet Prize in "Economy, business and investment" nomination

The Interfax Information Services Group SPARK project has received the Runet Prize, the authoritative national high-tech and internet award, in the "Economy, business and investment" nomination.

The award ceremony took place in Moscow on Tuesday, November 22.

"Specialized B2B services are normally less conspicuous and thus receive mass-user-voted prizes less often than B2C projects. We are happy that our SPARK project, which offers concrete business solutions and is oriented towards professionals, has become so popular with so many users as to be able to successfully compete against the biggest Internet projects," Interfax‘ Deputy General Director and head of the SPARK project Roman Laba said.

SPARK (spark-interfax.ru) helps business manage risks by gathering and analyzing all available information on partners and competitors. The system helps identify untrustworthy companies and thereby reduce tax risks, assess contractor‘s financial health and conduct affiliation checks, search for end beneficiaries, and so on. All this enables companies to develop business more efficiently.

SPARK is the indisputable leader on the market of corporate information analysis systems and has long become the industry standard in the field.

In all, Runet Prize statuettes were awarded in six primary and two special nominations: technologies and innovations; economy, business and investment; the state and society; culture, media and mass communications; science and education; health, entertainment and leisure; socially-significant internet projects; and mobile applications.

A prize was also awarded based on the results of popular voting (internet project, Runet community, Runet game).

This year‘s Runet Prize ceremony, the 13th since foundation, was organized by the Association of Economic Communications 2016 by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications in conjunction with the ANews project.

*** Interfax is the largest information services group in the CIS, a recognized leader on the Russian news market in the B2B segment. Interfax develops professional and information solutions that help companies work on financial and commodity markets, make investment decisions, manage risks, organize external communications and comply with the regulator‘s requirements.

Among most famous Interfax services are SPARK (contractor verification and risk management), EFIR (an analytical terminal and financial risk assessment), SPARK-Marketing (analysis of commodity markets, customers and suppliers), e-Disclosure.ru (the stock market information disclosure center), SCAN (mass media analysis and monitoring), ASTRA (an analytical solution for meeting Russian law requirements for transfer price-formation), X-Compliance (a solution for comprehensive client verification on the subject of money laundering and financing of terrorism) and other systems.