10 Nov 2015 21:18

Interfax wins Runet Prize

Interfax has won the Runet Prize, the national award for a contribution to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet, in the category ‘Culture, Media and Mass Communications‘.

Interfax is an integral part of the information infrastructure of the Russian segment of the Internet (Runet). In 2008, the news agency launched the website Interfax.ru to enable Internet users to receive updated news from firsthand sources for free. Interfax‘s website is one of Runet‘s key information engines and its stories are cited by hundreds of other online resources.

In 2015, Interfax fully reconsidered the concept of its website and redesigned it, in fact it created a new category, i.e. an exclusive news resource serving the only goal of helping users understand what important events are taking place here and now.

"The timeline currently making up the home page of Interfax.ru reflects the news picture of the last 24 hours in its development, simultaneously providing a quick insight into the most significant events," says Yury Pogorely, the director of the Interfax Group‘s Internet Projects Service.

"I thank the Runet community for highly rating our job," Pogorely said in commenting on the awarding of the prestigious prize to Interfax.

The Runet Prize has been awarded since 2004 and is considered among the most important and significant events in the Russian Internet environment. It symbolizes the recognition of the winners‘ merits at the state, public and industry levels. The prize‘s organizer is the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), with financial support from the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency.

Interfax is a major Russian non-governmental news agency. It has existed since 1989. Its subscribers are virtually all Russian and major world media outlets. Interfax is a leading source of information on Russia and CIS countries for foreign media, and is among the most widely used source of critical information in the world.