9 Sep 2015 11:52

Interfax analysts look at prospects for Russia-China energy cooperation in Far East

Analysts at the environmental and energy rating agency Interfax-ERA have prepared a report assessing the fundamental reasons for the current economic crisis and an analysis of the prospects for cooperation between Russia and China on energy projects in the Far East and the transcontinental Silk Road project that is supposed to link Europe and China via Russia and Central Asia.

The authors of the report present their assessment of the outlook for the relationship of two different economic systems that are trying to set the course for further strategic cooperation. The fundamental analysis makes it possible to systematically approach the development and implementation of a strategy for the development of a region for which China is a potential source of investment and initiatives.

The report consists of three parts: an analysis of the evolving crisis, forecast for the role of investment in energy in the Far East and an assessment of the situation in China. The report is intended foremost for analysts and business people whose work is related to this region.

The first part of the report presents an analysis of the global economic crisis as a turning point in the transition of economies in the region to a new stage of development, and describes signs and trends in the formation of key global economic and technological processes.

The second part of the report lays out the patterns in the transformation of the investment process.

The third part of the report is devoted to the situation in China and an analysis of the Silk Road project.

The report was written with input from experts who know China from the inside, making it possible to supplement abstract concepts with real, specific examples, making the report systematic as well as interesting for a broad range of specialists.