20 Jul 2015 11:00

SPARK launches service to verify notarized documents

The SPARK information and analysis system, developed by Interfax Group for verification of counterparties and risk management, has launched a new service to verify the details of notarized documents in the Unified Notary Information System.

The service, developed jointly with the Federal Notary Chamber of Russia and the Center for Innovation and Information Technology, is intended for verifying the authenticity of notarized documents by comparing their details with the details of documents that have undergone notarial certification. Notarized documents are verified by the following details: type of document, number of document in register of notarial acts, date of notarial act, series and number of standard form, and full name of notary or acting notary.

“This service is essential given the significant increase in the number of cases of fraud and theft of money from client bank accounts and safety deposit boxes using false documents in the first half of 2015, to a large extent because the authenticity of notarized documents could not be verified quickly. The new SPARK service provides this capability, which we believe will be particularly popular among banks, financial institutions and mobile service providers,” Interfax Vice President and SPARK project director Roman Laba said.
The new service will help to exercise due diligence when making deals, conducting financial transactions and transferring ownership rights to subscriber mobile numbers when these actions are carried out by an authorized party under a power of attorney.

The SPARK system provides access to the Federal Notary Chamber database, which contains more than 100 million forms dating back to 2010 and is updated in real time through the Unified Notary Information System. Reports on verification of notarized documents can be downloaded in PDF format for printing, and a history of requests will be stored in the SPARK user’s account.

*** SPARK, one of the Interfax Group’s best known analytical services, is used to verify counterparties and manage risks. The system, which handles more than 500 million requests from tens of thousands of users annually, offers the largest and fullest collection of corporate information, with the latest analytical tools to assess risks, the marketing environment and the investment appeal of companies.

SPARK collects all available information about all legal entities in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Our website is www.spark-interfax.ru