30 Mar 2015 16:17

VPK weekly military observer wins Vitaly Dzhibuti prize in 2015

Military observer of Russia‘s Military and Industrial Courier (VPK) weekly, retired Col. Oleg Falichev has won the annual Russian Vityaly Dzhibuti prize for the Best Coverage of Military Issues in Russian Media, established by the Interfax international news group and the Russian Defense Ministry.

Falichev received the prize from Deputy Russian Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov and Interfax executive director Georgy Gulia at an award ceremony in Moscow on Friday.

"Personal courage, modesty and high professionalism distinguished Vitaly Dzhibuti. These qualities earned him colossal authority both among journalists and those who knew in person and in absentia," Pankov said at the ceremony.

"We remember Vitaly and honor him," Pankov said.

The Vitaly Dzhibuti prize is awarded for the third time, Gulia said. "It is particularly pleasant that journalists who knew Vitaly in person, who worked with him for many years, including in ‘hot spots‘ won the prize," he said.

The Tass news agency senior correspondent Alexander Konovalov won the Dzhibuti prize in 2012. The prize went to Interfax military observer Sergei Babkin in 2013.

"This year winner, Oleg Falichev, is a military correspondent and a combat veteran. He worked for many years with the Krasnaya Zvezda military newspaper and was awarded the For Military Merits order and other decorations," Gulia said.

Gulia also expressed hope that "decent people will continue to win the Vitaly Dzhibuti prize in the future."

Vitaly Dzhibuti had worked with Interfax since the agency‘s first days. Dzhibuti became editor-in-chief of the Interfax Military News Agency in 2001. His premature demise on February 14, 2012 became a great loss not only for Interfax but also Russian military journalism.

As an Interfax military correspondent, Vitaly Dzhibuti worked in virtually all conflict zones, both in Russia and on the territory of the former Soviet Union, demonstrating reserve, courage, and initiative. He was awarded an order for Personal Courage, a medal for Services to the Fatherland of the Second Degree and a medal for Services to the Fatherland of the First Degree amongst other awards.

Interfax established a national annual award for the Best Coverage of Military Issues in the Russian Media to commemorate Vitaly Revazovich Dzhibuti. Journalists reporting on military and defense industry issues whose publications have drawn the biggest response from society are eligible for the award.

The winners are selected by a special jury comprising Defense Ministry officials, public officials, and the most authoritative employees of the Interfax Information Services Group and public organizations.

The winner gets a special certificate and a financial prize of 100,000 rubles.