18 Feb 2015 12:28

Russia‘s Audit Chamber signs cooperation agreement with Interfax Group

The Audit Chamber of Russia has signed a cooperation agreement with the Interfax Group.

Under the agreement, Interfax posts publicly accessible Audit Chamber information in its research systems SPARK-Marketing, SPARK and SCAN, and also uses it in its information work.

The Audit Chamber, in turn, uses systems developed by Interfax, particularly SPARK-Marketing and SPARK, in its monitoring and oversight of government procurements.

"The Interfax Group‘s analytical systems are an additional and needed tool in the work of the Audit Chamber‘s team of inspectors to analyze the efficiency of the federal contract system," Audit Chamber Chairman Tatyana Golikova said.

"The Audit Chamber consistently and deliberately pursues a policy of openness, and provides the public with exhaustive information about how rationally ministries, agencies, as well as state banks and companies use taxpayer funds. Now, when the Audit Chamber is expected to monitor the anti-crisis measures that are being implemented by the government, the importance of this information will only increase. I hope that our information systems will be able to help meet this challenge," Interfax Group Chairman Mikhail Komissar said.