12 Nov 2013 17:34

Interfax presents fundamental efficiency rating of top 150 Russian companies

Interfax International Information Group presents the fundamental efficiency rating of the 150 largest Russian companies in the real sector of the economy for 2012. <>p> The fundamental efficiency rating is intended for companies, their creditors and investors in order to take into account environmental factors when making economic decisions. <>p> The rating is calculated based on output for every unit of energy and natural resources used, as well as the environmental impact of a company‘s production equipment. The rating also takes into account the transparency of the business and changes in companies‘ efficiency since 2000.

"We were the first to lay natural physical indicators that make it possible to objectively assess the efficiency of production at the foundation of nonfinancial reporting. These assessments, which are not skewed by the distorting mirror of financial indicators, have proven to be popular not only in the business community, but also among companies themselves as reliable reference points for self-assessment," the director of the Interfax-ERA environmental and energy rating agency, Alexander Martynov said.

"In the years that the environmental ratings have been on the market, they have already become an indispensible element in its regulation - an objective barometer of the actual efficiency of Russian business. Our approaches to compiling the methodology of the rating fully meet the latest foreign standards for nonfinancial reporting," Martynov said.

The companies in the top 20 of the rating, in addition to having high environmental, energy and technological efficiency, demonstrate a high level of information disclosure (above 80%) and a strong rate of efficiency growth (+2.5% annually) over the past 10-12 years. They include OJSC Atomenergomash, FGUP Goznak, OJSC Altaivagon , OJSC Uralkali , Alcoa Russia, OJSC PhosAgro , OJSC GAZ , OJSC Generating Company, OJSC KuibyshevAzot and OJSC Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat .

The 20 companies at the bottom of the rating, on the contrary, have far lower environmental, energy and technological efficiency indicators, as well as poor information disclosure and declining efficiency in the medium term.

The availability of an objective assessment of the fundamental efficiency of production allows any company to compare itself with its counterparts, identify production problems, and show itself to be a modern, socially and environmentally responsible market player.

Detailed information on the fundamental efficiency rating of Russian companies is available at the Interfax-ERA website, www.interfax-era.ru.