6 Apr 2012 17:27

Finmarket recognized as most cited media resource in financial industry in 2011 - Medialogia

Medialogia has compiled a rating of the most cited media resources in the financial industry in 2011. Information agency Finmarket came top of the rating along with Internet resources finam.info and investfunds.ru. The Medialogia Citation Index was used as a basis for the ratings. The ratings are based on the Medialogia media database, which includes around 8,000 of the most influential Russian sources: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, information agencies, online media and blogs. The study was carried out for the January-December 2011 period. The Citation Index is a media indicator that counts the number of citations for information sources in other media and the influence* of the source publishing the citation. The index is calculated using mathematical-linguistic analysis of texts from 8,000 open sources. A source citation is counted when the source is referred to in any way: "in the interview… published by the newspaper…, as reported by…, according to the materials of… and so on, as well as hyperlinks in online publications.