23 Mar 2012 17:25

Interfax Urals celebrates its tenth anniversary

Interfax Urals Information Agency, part of the Interfax International Information Group, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.
During its first decade Interfax Urals has become an important channel of information for its Russian and foreign audience on events in the political and economic life as well as the social aspects of the Urals Federal District and achieving a leading position in its number of citations among the regional press.
An analysis of the publications within the SCAN system for 2011 shows that the media cited Interfax news on events in the Urals more than 3,000 times. Therefore there were an average of 10 publications daily that cited Interfax news about events in the Urals Federal District.
Interfax news on the Urals accounted for over 10% of all materials mentioning the region in the Russian press.
"Interfax Urals is one of our most successful regional projects," Interfax Group Regional Information Service Director Elena Pochesneva said. "Over the last few years we have had many information victories, crucial news and commercial achievements. In our next decade we are entering into new long-term projects and ambitious plans and, most importantly, the Urals team of professionals has stood the test of time."
Interfax Urals was one of the first regional companies established by the Interfax Group as part of its program to progress in Russia‘s regions.
The agency‘s correspondents work in all the Urals Federal District regions and Interfax Urals and the press centers set up in the key cities of the district - Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk are very popular among press representatives and newsmakers. The Interfax Urals centers hold 400 to 450 press conferences annually and around 60 items of news about the most important events in the region are issued daily.
Interfax Urals information is delivered to federal and regional authorities, major corporations, banks, investment funds, financial and industrial companies, leading business and public-political press outlets.
Over the past decade the Interfax Urals agency and its journalists have gained several professional awards and diplomas.