21 Dec 2012 17:19

Interfax-2013 scholarship announced

Interfax Information Services Group and the Journalism Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University have decided to award the 2013 B.S. Grischenko scholarship to Yekaterina Fomina, a fourth year full-time student.
The winner of the Interfax-2013 scholarship was announced on December 21 at the annual Moscow State University Journalism Faculty Practice Days.
Fomina is the ninth bursar of the Interfax Group. She presented a serious of materials written for the Novaya Gazeta and published in that publication.
Special prizes were also awarded to Marina Bochkareva (second year), Natalia Korchenkova (fourth year) and Irina Chevtaeva (fourth year), who all showed a very high level of professionalism in their materials for media outlets - information agencies, online publications and the radio.
Twenty-three students took part in this year‘s competition to obtain the Interfax scholarship, a record number. They included Nellie Dokish (second year), Albina Zakirullina (3rd year), Polina Ivanitskaya (5th year), Svetlana Kazakova (4rth year), Nadezhda Kondrashova (2nd year),Anton Kachulin (4rth year), Marina Kruglikova (4th year), Valery Kushuk (2nd year), Oksana Lobastova (2nd year), Yekaterina Mareeva (2nd year), Yana Pashaeva (5th year), Andrei Raskin (3rd year), Ksenia Ryltseva (5th year), Sofia Samokhina (5th year), Katerina Serebrennikova (4th year), Anastasia Stognei (4th year), Halimat Takeeva (5th year) and Olga Yakusheva (3rd year).
The judging committee, which included three representatives each from the university and Interfax, praised the quality of the work provided and congratulated the students on successfully completing the semester.
Interfax set up the grant in 2004 in memory of Boris Sergeevich Grischenko (01.06.1937-21.04.2004), who devoted almost 40 years to journalism and who worked at Interfax for over 10 years. For many years, Grishchenko worked as a Kremlin pool correspondent. He had a vast knowledge of Kremlin life from the times of Brezhnev to our day. In 1999, the Russian state awarded him the Order of Honor in appreciation of his work.
The one-year scholarship provides 5,000 rubles per month.
*** Interfax Information Services Group is the largest diversified information group in the CIS and a recognized leader on the B2B segment of the Russian information market. It started out in 1989 when a group of journalists established an information agency that became the first non-government channel of day-to-day political and economic information on the USSR.
Since the early 1990s Interfax has been a key source of information on Russia and the former Soviet Union for the international community with a confident lead in the number of citations for its news from this region in the foreign press.
Today Interfax provides political and economic news, fundamental and exchange information, professional solutions for risk management, marketing, Investor Relations and PR.