12 Mar 2013 12:25

Interfax updating web terminal

We have updated our base terminal for news delivery. Access to Interfax news has been greatly simplified, with the terminal located at the short address of www.ifax.ru.
Our news can now be read on all popular browsers and almost all devices. If you visit www.ifax.ru with a mobile device, you will be offered a mobile version of the terminal, offering the basic selection of functions.
We have become the first information agency to offer our subscribers the ability to share news from the subscription wire on their social network accounts. Join us, you‘ll love it!
We have also updated the system for delivering alerts. Starting April 1, you will be receiving them as a link to the terminal rather than as a heavy message containing the whole text of the news item.
Take advantage of apps for Apple products. Subscribers can enter their authentication data in settings and get access to their wires.
We have also developed an application programming interface (API) for our news distribution service. Now all subscribers using our news items in automated information systems can receive them and process them at their own discretion.
Our support service would happy to answer your questions and can be reached at +7(495)787-43-43 or by email at sales@interfax.ru.