28 Jan 2013 12:20

Interfax founder and head Komissar receives birthday messages from Putin, Medvedev

The founder and general director of Interfax, Mikhail Komissar, has received birthday greetings from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, government ministers and the leaders of other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
"Your competence, professionalism and responsible attitude to work help you effectively cope with the wide range of tasks facing one of the world‘s largest news agencies," Putin said in his message."
"Your professional talent, experience and ability to rally your colleagues around shared objectives and tasks, and to maintain a businesslike and truly creative atmosphere among your colleagues have justly earned you high prestige and respect in the media community of the country," the president said.
Early this month, Putin awarded Komissar the Order for Services to the Country 3rd Class.
"Owing to your professionalism, strong principles and organizational talent, Interfax is today one of the leading world news agencies and firmly holds the leadership for the frequency of being cited in major Russian and foreign mass media," said a message from Medvedev.
"I am convinced that your active position in life and your creative potential will prevent you from resting on your past achievements, and that your colleagues and those sharing your ideas will help you put the boldest of your plans into practice," Medvedev said.
Putin‘s chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, said in his message: "It largely goes to the credit of your professionalism and single-mindedness that the Interfax agency is today the largest of the leading Russian news agencies and one of the leaders in the information market."
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said Interfax "is justly considered one of the most influential information resources and holds a worthy place in Russian media space."
"I would like to give you special thanks for your Interfax-Religion project, which enables many people to obtain objective information on the life of the Russian Orthodox Church," Kirill said in his message.
Federation Council Chair Valentina Matviyenko also credited Komissar with high professionalism and saying he enjoys general recognition and a high prestige in the media community.
"Owing to your knowledge, experience and efficient management, and to the use of cutting-edge technology, the Interfax agency, which you head, holds leading positions in the Russian information market. Independence, objectivity, accuracy and creative initiative in presenting information were and remain the main principles of Interfax," she said in her message.
"Your name is inseparable from Interfax," said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
"Today the agency is one of the most influential media resources of our country with a network of correspondents that is unique in size and in terms of technological solutions it uses. The agency is a source of authentic and prompt information needed by millions of people all over the world," Lavrov said in his message.
The Foreign Ministry highly values its "fruitful" interaction with Interfax and is determined "to continue building it up in the interests of shaping an objective image of Russia abroad and consolidating its international positions," Lavrov said.
The chairman of Russia‘s Accounts Chamber, Sergei Stepashin, described Komissar as "a leading authority in the information sphere" and as a competent and energetic man, and credited him with a contribution to freedom of speech in Russia.
"The Interfax news agency, which you have created, has become the leader in the Russian information industry and taken a senior place among leading world news agencies. Under your leadership and owing to the professionalism of its journalists and the promptness and objectivity of its information, Interfax is unrivaled as a source of information today," Stepashin said in his message.
Igor Sechin, chief executive of Russian oil company Rosneft , mentioned in his message that Komissar has spent a quarter of a century working to shape and further develop the Russian information industry.
"Your far-sightedness and initiative has brought into being the first independent news agency, an agency that marked the starting point of new trends in information communications, including communications in specific industries," Sechin said.
"The invariably high standards of authenticity and promptness of your material have earned you and your agency confidence in the business community, and businesspeople regularly begin their day by reading Interfax news," he said.
Komissar has also received messages from Presidents Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine, and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan.
"The international agency Interfax, which you have created and have invariably headed, is one of the most influential world information structures. The results of its activities are widely applied in our daily practice. The Interfax-Kazakhstan agency, which we set up together at the dawn of independence, is showing successful performance," said Nazarbayev.
Lukashenko credited Komissar with being an outstanding public figure and a media professional whose name stands for the emergence of Interfax, one of Russia‘s biggest news agencies.
"It is largely due to your efforts that Interfax is an authoritative source of business and political news. Its cutting-edge information technology and distinctive style of presenting information have brought it well-deserved recognition," the Belarusian leader said.
Messages have also come from chiefs of federal government agencies, regional governors, chief executives of state and private companies, other well-known business people, public figures and journalists.
Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev said in a letter to Komissar: "You and I are bound together by perestroika. It was then that you, your colleagues and people sharing your views took the bold step of setting up an independent news agency. Since then, Interfax has not just survived competition with its powerful rivals but has grown and earned a high prestige among those for whom glasnost and freedom of speech are not so many words but an irreplaceable basis for democracy and civil society."