28 Mar 2013 12:19

Interfax, Sport Express begin working on "Olympic project"

Interfax and the newspaper Sport Express are beginning to work together on covering the training of the Russian national team for the Sochi 2014 Olympics.
"The sports information agency Sport Express - Interfax, which was created on a parity basis with the newspaper Sport Express, a leading Russian sports publication, and Russia‘s leading non-state information agency Interfax, is beginning to work on a large-scale project to cover the training of the Russian national team for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics," the public relations department of Interfax Group said in a press release.
The document says the purpose of the project is to increase the transparency of the process for selecting and training candidates for the Russian Olympic team in the winter sports, strengthen team spirit and the athletes‘ individual self-esteem, promote a positive attitude toward the participants in the 2014 Olympics in society, and boost the image of the Russian national Olympic team.
"In this project, Sport Express - Interfax plans to publish prompt news reports on winter sports, including the biathlon, bobsleigh, speed-skating, cross-country skiing, luge, snowboarding, figure skating, freestyle, short-track, the skeleton, etc.," the press release says.
To expand its audience, the paper Sport Express will launch a specialized column called Sochi Express, which will come out weekly starting April 1, 2013.
The project is sponsored by the Russian Olympic Committee.
The agency Sport Express - Interfax plans to cover the training of the Olympic sports teams, important events and major competitions, including Russian and European championships, young people‘s championships, universiads and the Olympics. The agency also plans to give serious attention to the coverage of the activities by the Russian Olympic Committee, events organized by sports federations and leading sports schools for Olympic sports.
Materials published by Sport Express - Interfax will be accessible to readers on the Internet sites www.sport-express.ru and www.interfax.ru. They will also be available through the IFX terminal and Interfax App Store. A complete publications archive of Sport Express is accessible through the system SCAN.
The sports information agency Sport Express was founded in late 2011 and is oriented towards the creation and promotion of a specialized online publication, a sports newswire reporting on events taking place in sports life in Russia and abroad.
Interfax is a leading Russian information agency. The main advantages of the company are its unique experience in the sphere of collection, processing, storage and dissemination of original and high-quality information, the creation of innovative solutions for its delivery, and its reputation as an objective, reliable and independent news source.
The newspaper Sport Express was founded in 1991 and is among the most popular sports publications in Russia. Over 500,000 people read the paper every day. Sport Express is the only representative of Russia in European Sports Magazines, one of the most influential associations of sports publications in Europe.