22 Feb 2012 18:31

Natalya Krashevskaya put in charge of Interfax-West

MOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Natalya Krashevskaya has been appointed head of the Interfax-West information agency in Belarus after serving as the agency‘s first deputy general director.
Her predecessor Vyacheslav Zenkovich, Interfax-West chief for the past 17 years, has been promoted to Interfax International Group‘s central office in Moscow where he will be responsible for expanding the agency‘s business in former Soviet republics
"The Interfax-West news agency has gained the reputation of a reliable source of information on political and economic reform in Belarus. The information track will continue in the agency, but also, a reference portal, www.inbterfax.by, one of the most poplar Belarusian Internet resources, will continue. We are convinced that Natalya, who was at the onset of the portal and who knows not only by hearsay how news is made, will fully use her experience and give new content to Interfax projects in Belarus," the Interfax Group‘s Board of Directors Chairman Mikhail Komissar said.
"The experience gained by Vyacheslav Zenkovich in Belarus will definitely be an asset for Interfax in its effort to promote the information business in the post-Soviet space," he also said.
Krashevskaya sees enhanced appeal of its information products, and the further development of the company‘s IT projects as the Interfax-West information agency‘s first-priority task. We have ample opportunity to create products in demand on the market and to offer them to consumers in a convenient form," Krashevskaya said.
She described the Belarusian market of information products as promising. "As a conspicuous player on this market, we, nevertheless, are in need of modernization and the use of modern advanced solutions and innovation. Only in this case can the agency become competitive," she said.
Krashevskaya is the author and consultant of Belarusian and international marketing projects, and a lecturer in the marketing communication systems course at the IPM business school. Before joining the Interfax team she was chief of the news service at a commercial television channel. She was subsequently in charge of Interfax-West‘s office in Vitebsk and worked as Interfax-West deputy general director.
Interfax-West is a company within Interfax Information Services Information Group that has been operating on the Belarusian information market since 1994. Since then, it has evolved into the largest and most renowned nongovernmental information structure in Belarus, whose customers include virtually all of the republic‘s central and regional media, major companies with all ownership statuses, as well as state organizations, international organizations‘ representative offices and diplomatic missions.
In August 2004 Interfax-West launched a unique project - the www.interefax.by information and reference Internet portal.