22 Feb 2012 18:28

SCAN helps Ekho Moskvy radio in rating

The SCAN (System of Comprehensive Analysis of News) has rated Russian ministers and famous women, the subjects of the Ekho Moskvy‘s popular ratings, by how often they were mentioned in mass media.
The ministers‘ rating, drawn up by the end of Vladimir Putin‘s Cabinet, included 25 ministers who have worked in the Cabinet for most of its term. The women‘s rating included the 100 most famous Russian women.
Experts called in by Ekho Moskvy assessed the influence, efficiency and popularity of these individuals. Interfax has added to the Ekho Moskvy rating one that gauges the most frequently mentioned personalities, taken from the SCAN system that includes over 4,500 sources of information: newspapers, magazines, news agencies, television and radio programs, Internet-based mass media, available in Russia and the CIS.
The ratings for those most often mentioned were calculated on the basis of publications in the Russian federal and regional mass media specializing mainly in politics and business. One SCAN publication counts as one mention of a subject, regardless of the number of mentions within the publication.
Among government members, former finance minister Alexei Kudrin was most often mentioned by the media. He is followed by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov. Economic Minister Elvira Nabiullina ranked ninth, and Health Care Minister Tatyana Golikova was 12th.
The rating of the most often mentioned women, which included politicians, artists, television hosts and politicians‘ wives, is led by Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko. Ministers Elvira Nabiullina (economic development) and Tatyana Golikova (health care) ranked second and third, respectively. The wife of former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, businesswoman Yelena Baturina, is in the fifth place. Among non-politicians, the mass media most often favor Alla Pugachyova (number seven) and athlete Maria Sharapova (number eight). The most often mentioned television host is Kseniya Sobchak (in the 13th place), while President Medvedev‘s wife Svetlana is in the 15th place.
More information about the ratings is available on the Ekho Moskvy radio station‘s website at http://www.echo.msk.ru/