20 Mar 2012 17:50

Interfax, Defense Ministry institute award in commemoration of journalist Vitaly Dzhibuti

Interfax and the Russian Defense Ministry have instituted the national annual award named after Vitaly Dzhibuti, titled ‘For courage, impartiality, and high professionalism in covering military problems‘.
"Vitaly Revazovich Dzhibuti was among the brightest journalists and an irreplaceable editor-in-chief of the Interfax Military News Agency. He covered the work of the Russian Defense Ministry and other security agencies for years. As a military correspondent, Dzhibuti worked virtually in all hot spots both in our country and in former Soviet republics, displaying composure, courage, and initiative," Interfax Group Chairman and CEO Mikhail Komissar said.
Dzhibuti‘s work as a military correspondent was acclaimed not only within the journalistic community but also within the Defense Ministry and other security agencies, Komissar said. His efforts and successes in covering national security problems won him high state awards. Dzhibuti was repeatedly named as the laureate of various professional awards and was presented with commemorative prizes, letters of commendation, and certificates, he said.
"Dzhibuti died unexpectedly in February this year. Journalists from Interfax and other publications have come up with the idea of instituting a special national annual award in his commemoration, which should be given to best military correspondents from Russian news agencies, newspapers and magazines. This idea has been supported by the Russian Defense Ministry, which expressed its willingness to co-sponsor this award," Komissar said.
Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said, "The institution of this award will certainly imply acknowledgement of Vitaly Dzhibuti‘s services to the Russian armed forces and society."
This award will also commemorate Dzhibuti as "a journalist and a man who was always in the center of events, who fully contributed his strength and energy to his profession, and who served as an example of allegiance to his vocation."
"Vitaly Revazovich Dzhibuti was known and respected at the Defense Ministry as a bright and talented journalist and an authoritative, principled, and purposeful leader seeking to do as much as he could for the common cause, no matter what positions he occupied," Serdyukov said.
A special jury composed of Defense Ministry and government officials, members of NGOs and the professional community will nominate the winners of the award.
The award should be presented annually on Defender of the Fatherland Day. The winners will receive special certificates and money.