2 Mar 2012 12:46

Winner of Interfax-2012 scholarship named

Interfax Information Services Group and the school of journalism of Moscow State University have voted to award the B.S. Grishchenko scholarship for 2012 to third-year student Irina Chevtayeva.
The name of the new scholarship winner was announced on December 21 at the annual Day of Internship of the school of journalism.
Chevtayeva is the eighth student to receive the Interfax Scholarship. She was given the award based on a series of reports on social and political issues. Her portfolio contained both texts and radio programs that were posted on the website of Radio Liberty and went on the air of the radio station respectively.
For the second consecutive year the total number of contestants reached 18 which is an indication of the growing popularity of the scholarship. It is indicative that for the first time since the introduction of the scholarship the portfolios of freshmen were also presented.
The following students took part in the contest:
Darya Borisyak (second year student),
Marina Bochkaryova (first year),
Anton Zaritsky (fourth year),
Polina Ivanitskaya (fourth year),
Anna Ivanochkina (second year),
Natalia Korchenkova (third year),
Marina Kruglikova (third year),
Oksana Lobastova (first year),
Alexander Nikolaichuk (fourth year),
Irina Novikova (fifth year),
Tatyana Privalova (third year),
Alexander Solomonov (fourth year),
Khalimat Takeyeva (fourth year),
Sofia Tarasevich (second year),
Alexandra Fydorova (fifth year),
Yekaterina Fomina (third year),
Maria Tsygankova (fourth year),
Irina Chevtayeva (third year).
The scholarship commission awarded special prizes for demonstrating a high standard of professionalism to third year students Natalia Korchenkova, Maria Kruglikova and Yekaterina Fomina.
The scholarship commission, which included three representatives each from Moscow State University and Interfax, judged candidates by the work they had submitted (no less than 20 articles compiled and published during their internship) and also by their academic success.
Interfax instituted the scholarship in 2004 in memory of Boris Grishchenko (b. 01.06.1937 - 21.04.2004), who had devoted nearly 40 years of his life to the journalistic profession, including ten years with Interfax. For many years, Grishchenko was a member of the Kremlin pool and was familiar with life at the Kremlin from Brezhnev‘s era to recent times. In 1999, he was awarded the Order of Honor in recognition of his work.
The Interfax scholarship provides 5,000 rubles a month for the entire calendar year.

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