31 Aug 2011 12:59

Interfax launches iPad app

Interfax has launched an iPad app which provides access to the news agency‘s newswires available by subscription and also to reports, news, articles, and photos posted free on www.interfax.ru in real time.

To access Interfax subscription newswires through an iPad, the passwords and logins providing access to the agency‘s news services via the Internet (www.ifx.ru and www.news.interfax.ru) are automatically valid for the new app.

The new service enables subscribers to look for and sort news, adjust the news notification system, create custom-tailored newswires on certain subjects and receive announcements and digests of the most important events.

The Interfax app can be found at the App Store using the keyword Interfax, or in the News section.
"It has always been Interfax policy to provide its clients with as broad as possible variety of tools for receiving information. The launch of an iPad app is yet another step in this direction," says Interfax Group Chairman and CEO Mikhail Komissar.

At the beginning of 2001, Interfax launched two iPhone applications, one of them for politics and public interest news and the other for those interested in business and financial markets news.

The Interfax app brings users real-time news, articles and photos published free on www.interfax.ru, where they can find the agency‘s "fastest" newswire or, if they have time, browse the day‘s main events in five categories, i.e. politics, economics, society, culture and sport.

The finance app is a compact package of stock and currency market data backed by the latest news and analysis. The app‘s design provides a clear picture of data that usually require special terminals to analyze.

***Interfax issues about 100 various news publications available by subscription and covering political events and news of the economy on the whole and its various industries.
***The website www.interfax.ru is a free version of Interfax‘s professional news reports, which contains only a small part of the news normally available to subscribers.