16 Mar 2011 13:36

Interfax opens press center, bureau in Yakutia

The information agency Interfax-Far East , part of the international Interfax Information Services Group, has announced the creation of its bureau and press center in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

“We welcome the creation of an office of the leading Russian information agency in our Republic,” Yegor Borisov, president of the republic of Sakha (Yakutia), told a press conference held in the Interfax-Far East press center.
Borisov believes the interest of leading federal media in Yakutia is very natural because a number of large-scale projects significant, not only to the region, but to the entire Russian economy, are currently being implemented on the territory of the Republic. “New historical and information horizons are opening to our Republic, and that makes life in the region even more interesting to journalists,” Borisov said.
“The opening of an office of an agency such as Interfax in Yakutsk is another channel that can be used for providing Russian and foreign audiences with better quality and complete information on events taking place in the Republic of Sakha. I hope it will help considerably improve the positive image of our region as a stable region attractive to investors,” he said.
Borisov wished the new Interfax press center success. “The creation of such independent press centers is important for the formation of a complete and objective picture of events taking place in the region and diversification of the information space. I hope events presenting an interest to all journalists of our Republic will be held here and the Interfax press center will become another platform for open dialogue with the authorities and businessmen,” he said.
Yelena Pochesneva, general director of the Interfax Regional Information Service, said the creation of the Interfax-Far East bureau in Yakutsk is another step in the implementation of Interfax Group’s consistent policies to expand its information presence in the Russian regions.
“Interfax-Far East is the youngest regional project of Interfax Group. It was launched in 2007 and has helped us complete the formation of a system of information agencies in all federal districts of Russia. Interfax plans to expand its presence in the eastern regions of Russia in future, focusing mainly on the creation of a strong correspondent network,” Pochesneva said.

“We are hoping that our journalists’ work in Yakutia will provide Interfax subscribers – federal executive and legislative authorities, administrations of the Russian regions, leading Russian and foreign companies and banks, and leading Russian and foreign media organizations – with more complete and objective information on events taking place in the Republic,” Pochesneva said.

*** The information agency Interfax-Far East is part of Interfax Information Services Group. It specializes in the coverage of events taking place in the Far Eastern Federal District. The agency has its own information product, Far East News, which is targeted at the mass media, the authorities, companies, enterprises, and banks.

*** Interfax Information Services Group develops professional information solutions that help companies operating on financial and commodity markets to make investment decisions, manage risks and organize external communications.
Interfax products and services include news, market information, analysis, searchable systems, business directories, ratings and rankings, credit histories, IR services and information disclosures, organization of press conferences and placement of Internet advertising.
Interfax has been the international community‘s leading source of up-to-the-minute information on Russia and the CIS since the beginning of the 1990s. Interfax is the source most often cited in press and media reports about the region and in recent years has also become a leading supplier of political and financial news from China.

The chain of press centers created by Interfax Group has no analogues and comprises over thirty press halls in the main cities of Russia, as well as national press centers in Kyiv (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Baku (Azerbaijan). Over 1,500 press events to discuss vital events and issues are held on Interfax’s information platforms every year.