3 Mar 2011 11:49

Interfax re-styles www.interfax.ru online newspaper

Interfax Group has launched a re-styled and re-formatted version of the online newspaper, www.interfax.ru , which now offers the reader more stories, more news and more visual information.

Firstly, a new, “package,” genre has been introduced, with information on high-priority issues grouped together by subjects, which allows the reader to see an event from different angles, to understand its underlying causes and links to other events, and possibly guess what will happen next.

Traditional news stories are presented in a new way. In addition to the familiar newswire, one can now easily find on the left side of the front page headlines of what Interfax’ editors think are of special importance, before full articles and stories appear on the website.

The photo gallery has also been upgraded, with images grouped by events as seen by the best photo reporters.

Due to cooperation with the Digital Technology Department of the national television and radio company VGTRK, the reader will have access to the most interesting videos, aired by the Rossiya 24 television channel, a leading provider of televised news in this country.

Muscovites are welcome to visit the page highlighting Moscow’s everyday life.

The www.interfax.ru newspaper’s newswire is available on Twitter and its articles on Facebook. The Moscow section is channeled separately to Twitter.

“Reformatting is a must for all websites, and it involves hard work if the best in the old version is not to be lost, if the things which made the reading difficult are to be scrapped and if something radically new and fresh is to be offered to the reader,” said www.interfax.ru Editor-in-Chief Nadezhda Sedova. “There was one thing that was guiding us along as we were working on the new version: access to the content must be simplified. This prompted a “package” approach to the texts, news stories, photos and videos. But we also wanted to save the habitual navigation patterns and the look of the page, so the user will not be overly puzzled,” she said.

“Interfax is, above all, a news agency. But it is also a professional source of information for journalists, businessmen and analysts, who draw an income from handling news. We also feel committed to giving a broad audience access to real-time information, which can be trusted. The www.interfax.ru online newspaper is part of the work we are doing in this area. We are also planning to re-style our second most important portal, www.finmarket.ru, the public resource of the Finmarket economics agency, which is part of Interfax, and we are preparing a surprise for users of mobile platforms,” said head of the online projects service Yury Pogorely.

*** The www.interfax.ru online newspaper is a round-the clock information channel, in which real-time news has a priority status. The portal’s man goal is to report events on a daily basis in all their entirety, reflecting the most important political and economic occurrences in Russia and globally, and highlighting developments in culture and sport.

The Interfax.ru newswire is a public version of the professional newswire, provided by Interfax as a leading news agency in Europe and Asia.

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